Products - Beverage filling line processing equipment
  • Spray Cooler & Bottle Warmer

    roduction line,make the temperature of hot filling drink from 85 ℃ down to 35℃-40℃ or the cold filling drink up to 30℃.Its working process can be divided into 3 stages,circulating hot water spray,warm water pre-cooling,cold water cooling.It is suitable for cooling all kinds of bottle and canned juice and carbonated beverage.The main bodyis made of excellent stainless steel,running reliable and in a beautiful appearance. Capacity:2,000bph-24,000bph

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  • Tilting Bottle Sterilizer

    he angle of bottle overturns to 96or 110in the processing of transporting bottle,and then the beverage use its high temperature(higher than 80℃) after filling to give the caps final sterilization.The sterilization time can be adjusted in the scope of 30-40sec,as the requirement.Adopting impacted stainless steel chain and enduring high temperature plastic chain board.With the excellent features of compacted structure,easy operation and saving energy,this kind of machine is the best choice for tea,fruit juice hot filling cap sterilizing equipment. capacity:2,000bph-24,0000bph

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  • Plate Type Beverage Sterilizer

    control (PLC control, touch screen display) The system adopts ultra-high temperature processing method, which can strictly sterilize the dairy, tea beverage and fruit etc. and then transfer to aseptic packaging. The sterilizing temperature is 135~140℃ and the heat preservation period is 4~5 seconds, so as to maintain the original nutrition, color and flavor of beverage and dairy.

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  • Tubular Type Beverage Sterilizer

    in many countries for wide range and accurate control of sterilizing temperature. Its very suited for the liquid product with fiber and particulates (fruit beverage, vegetable beverage) and especially for the high viscosity products (fruit paste, juice with pulp, pudding, sauces gravy), also for low-acid beverage and neutral beverage (peanut milk, yogurt and tea).

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  • Carbonator/CO2 Mixer(CO2 Volume Ratio 3.6~4.0)

    ts special mixed gas and liquid ejector and the technique of vacuum deoxidation.The mixing precision is high and the CO2 is fully mixed.The mixing proportion between water and syrup is seriously controlled by micro metering device.It is equipped with CO2 accuracy pressure control so that the liquid level is always stable.The alarm device for low pressure and low liquid level ensures the quality of its production.The machine obtains advantages of high reliability, high efficiency,high grade of automation and easy operation,ect.

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  • Carbonator/CO2 Mixer (CO2 Volume Ratio 2.3~2.8)

    are designed to increase the precise proportion of water, syrup and carbon dioxide. It uses advanced foreign technology - static mixer to thin the water layer and increase the carbonization time and also ensure that the effect of mixing drinks. This plant uses carbon dioxide reflux deoxy, not only saves carbon dioxide, but also achieve the purpose of deoxidation; The perfect automatic control system consists of high-quality water pumps and electrical components.Which has advantages of coordinated action, beautiful apperance,cleaning conveniently and high degree of automation.Applicable to mixing of multiple types of beverage, such as soft drinks, juice drinks, cola and other soft and hard drinks.

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