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  • Carbonator/CO2 Mixer (CO2 Volume Ratio 2.3~2.8)

    are designed to increase the precise proportion of water, syrup and carbon dioxide. It uses advanced foreign technology - static mixer to thin the water layer and increase the carbonization time and also ensure that the effect of mixing drinks. This plant uses carbon dioxide reflux deoxy, not only saves carbon dioxide, but also achieve the purpose of deoxidation; The perfect automatic control system consists of high-quality water pumps and electrical components.Which has advantages of coordinated action, beautiful apperance,cleaning conveniently and high degree of automation.Applicable to mixing of multiple types of beverage, such as soft drinks, juice drinks, cola and other soft and hard drinks.

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  • Reverse Osmosis Purification System for Pure Water(RO)

    filter,effectively to remove big impure particles and suspending matters,improve RO membrane water inputting index,effectively remove the smell and rest chlorine of the original water,and improve the taste of water quality.The main machine adopts American high effective low=pressure compound film,with single film salt removing degree up to 99%.,medicine,environment,and chemicals. Capacity:1-200T

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  • Hollow Fiber Ultra Filtration System For Mineral Water(UF)

    echnology used to separate,condense,and distill the macromolecule.Ultra filter sepa-ration undertakes in the normal temperature and low pressure,without state change. Its of simple structure,easy operation,wide usage,and strong general capacity.Condensing ultra filter is widely used in the industries like food,ferment,medicine,environment,and chemicals. Capacity:2-200T

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  • Bottle Preform Injection Molding Machine

    shot weight requirements of the preform; Increased plasticizing capacity,wonderful plasticization,preform color more uniform, production more stable; Increased ejection force fit for ejection multi cavity preform; Double-loop system can be for option,it could achieve the synchronous actions to improve the production efficiency; Post-mold cooling (PMC) is available,production capacity can be highly improved(maximum can be 35%) Inject unit Hydraulic Unit Electric Unit Mechanical Unit

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