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FILLEX along the way, the pace of progress more robust and bold, has been sustained support and attention from government agencies and community groups , the return of such care is the most effective way to make our business bigger and stronger , and then use our own way more involved in social welfare undertakings, in love with the community and civic-mindedness and common progress . As FILLEX people, we always bear in mind their ideal : enterprises bigger and stronger , for the development of local economy and society, and make our contribution . This is FILLEX social responsibility . Care and social returns , the return of employees , which is the cause of FILLEX as an important mission .
Change over time , because of the situation is . FILLEX has always been " technology for the people, to lead a healthy life" for business purposes, the effort to serve the consumers good health and a happy life for the endless pursuit that provide consumers with a green , healthy, natural, environmentally friendly products She added . In the production process, the company continued to strengthen food safety supervision, vigorously strengthen the traceability system, strict export control to ensure the safety and quality of products, which is the fundamental enterprise development, it is the bounden duty of FILLEX people .
Here, I would like cooperation partners and the public have long paid great attention to the development of the company and enthusiasm to help express my sincere gratitude and highest respect . I hope the company website can become friends understand FILLEX , let us work together to create a better future !